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The Best Medical SEO Content

If you want top healthcare content for your website, blog or article needs, then you have come to the right place. Nothing is more important for your online success than great content, and it’s typically the most ignored part of every campaign!

As a physician who has been in practice for years, then owned a practice and now works with practices nationwide, I know what it takes to succeed online for patient acquisition. The saying “Content is King” is appropriate for any healthcare practice desiring to rank well in the search engines while engaging website visitors.

It’s not enough to just get people to your website! They need to see something compelling that makes them contact you for treatment. Here are the top 5 reasons My Healthcare Writer should be your choice for all of your medical content writing needs:

US Company with US Writers

Our writers, including myself, live and work in the US and are fluent in English. So your work will be written with proper grammar, research and meaning. Your content is too important to  place in the hands of individuals who are not versed in proper English and the ability to write for your intended audience, which is prospective patients.

Founded by a Physician

Dr. David Greene has been writing extensively for years and was named a top 15 author on Ezines, the world’s top article directory site. He writes over 500 articles and press releases annually, with his team writing over 5,000 articles annually. He has written a book on Healthcare Internet Marketing, and knows all too well how important great content is to website rankings.

Our Experience

My Healthcare Writer publishes content for hundreds of websites monthly in many different healthcare specialties. This also includes E-Books, newsletters, press releases and articles. If a practice desires an Online Library of Conditions and Treatments for a website, we do that frequently. Content includes references if desired.

All Specialties

We write quality content for all types of healthcare practices and entities. Whether it’s a primary care specialty, surgical, dental, chiropractic, naturopathic, podiatry, pain management, etc we’ve got you covered!


As the owner of the company, I take the quality of our work to heart, therefore I guarantee it. If it needs edits, we’ll take care of it promptly. We never duplicate content between clients and guarantee its authenticity and quality. My goal is to make you happy with the quality and successful with its publication. Anything we can do to answer and rectify concerns will be done!

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