Content Writing for Veterinarians

If the mission of your veterinarian website is to attract more clients to the practice, then you should give yourself a reality check on the LOCAL aspect of the website content. People in your community use certain phrases to search online for veterinarian services. They type phrases like “veterinarians in Springdale” or “animal hospital in Clay County.” This will direct them to your site IF you have the right content writer working for you.


My Healthcare Writer offers website services and content writing for veterinarians and veterinary practices.  Five steps to improving website traffic we use are:


  • Step 1 – Include all locations you serve. This allows our writers to include neighborhoods and communities in your website content.
  • Step 2 – Your location and contact information will be listed in your header area, to the top right, which allows people to see where your veterinarian practice is located.
  • Step 3 – Include the practice locations in your tags, which are identifiers we add to your webpages in the back end (during set up). These location tags help the system direct traffic to your site. Examples include “expert veterinary care in Springdale.”
  • Step 4 – Put your location in the marketing content. A local blog post will include the areas you service, to drive web surfers to your practice.
  • Step 5 – Claim your business listing and set up a Google account for your veterinary practice. These things will be helpful for search results with your website.


A Comprehensive Approach to Marketing


Veterinarian marketing is a great way to bring traffic to your website, and then, clients into your practice. There are many referral sources surrounding your practice that desperately needs a trusted extension of their care. These businesses can send you clients, should they know that you even exist.


Pet groomers, pet supply companies, and other pet-related businesses are good referral sources. By connecting with these referral sources on the Internet, you can make your business more visible. Our website developers and veterinary content writers can link you with other businesses to make your practice more visible. Non-veterinarian referral sources can be included in the comprehensive approach to marketing your veterinarian practice.


Google “bots” travel around the web, scooping up content and text, and then dumping it into a database. This can affect your website visitors. By providing relevant, quality, and original content on your site, you make it easier for Google to find your pages, index these pages, and show them to potential clients. If your website does not have enough content, it makes it more difficult for Google to index your website properly, and also, makes it hard for customers to locate you.

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