Content Writing for Podiatrists

Podiatric medicine is used to diagnose and treat conditions of the ankle, foot, and related leg structures. A podiatrist is the most qualified doctor of the feet. For the health of your podiatry practice, consider hiring a qualified medical writing company who can get your business noticed.


The secrets to marketing your practice are hiding in plain sight, but you may not be aware they even exist. People think marketing means there is one thing that will solve all problems. However, getting on page one of Google is rarely achieved. But you must get on Google, nonetheless. Marketing, like everything else in life, is a process that requires time, people, and tools to make it work.


Secret Number One: Consistent Content Additions to your Web Presence


Most podiatrist are willing to use the Internet to build their practice without realizing this. Your website and social media platforms are much like your car. They need something to keep them going, and in the world of websites, content is gas. My Healthcare Writer offers search engine optimized (SEO) content, which is used to direct traffic to your site. So, what constitutes good online content writing? Here are a few things you should have:


  • Blog posts that are around 200-300 words in length.
  • Articles that are 550-650 words in length (all original content).
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • Images linked to social media
  • Posts on Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Secret Number Two: Use a Company with Qualified Health Writers


My Healthcare Writer uses experienced medical writers to produce your podiatry content. Our writers have a history of working in healthcare, so they understand what is required of them. The content produced will be original, derived from your recommendations, and guided by your individual suggestions. The content for articles, blogs, and FAQs are rich in phrases and terms that drive traffic to your podiatry website.


Secret Number Three: Use a Comprehensive Approach to Marketing


Another secret that could help your podiatry website is using referral sources to market your practice. Through your website, you can link to other practitioners’ sites, which allow you to receive traffic from their webpages. Good options are local primary care practitioners and orthopedic surgeons. By developing quality relationships with referral sources, over time, you will dramatically expand your medical referrals. With good health writing content, other providers will gladly connect with your site, which increases revenue for everyone.


Secret Number Four: Build your Patient Base from Existing Patients


You already have some patients. This is a valuable asset for your practice. These people know you, like you, and trust you with their health. They can recommend your services to others, and refer people to you. Send emails to all your patients asking them to go to your website. If you communicate with patients every month through emails and newsletters, you can drive additional traffic to your website and easily improve revenue.

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