Content Writing for Neurosurgery

It takes years and years of work to develop a tight-knit group of medical writers. My Healthcare Writer knows that neurosurgeons need good website content. We have a diverse group of writers who have healthcare experience. To get your neurosurgery practice noticed, we develop quality content for your webpages and add articles to your blog. For us, everything is content.

Ever client receives customized content for their website. Because neurosurgery is such a complex medical field, we develop content that educates your patient population on the various procedures and services you offer. In addition, we offer information about the various diseases and conditions treated by the doctors. This can be used to market your practice, help get you higher rankings on Google and Bing, and create a professional persona.

Types of Content

For your neurology practice, we offer four types of content:

  • SEO content – Before every article is written, our writers do keyword research. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be used to get your website ranked high with web searchers. We research the demographics of your client base, and use this information to get the best content written for you.
  • Evergreen content – This content is true and always relevant. Evergreen content is meant to inform the reader and it is content that is scientifically based.
  • Newsworthy content – If something happens in the neurosurgery community or field, we can write about it and add it to your site.
  • Flagship content – This content defines who and what you are and represents you in the pubic eye. The neurology industry needs to be transparent, so you use flagship content to let readers understand your business.
  • Viral content – For social media, this content is used to share things with your potential patients and existing clients.

Content Marketing

You can use good quality medical content writing for your benefit. Content marketing is an informative approach that provides target audiences with relevant and helpful information on a consistent basis. Using frequently searched phrases in the content can help your website attract consumers, which increases revenue. This strategy centers around the production of original, fresh content across many planforms rather than recycling media or borrowing from outside resources.

A “pull” approach is used to present necessary and valuable information about your products, services, and treated conditions. This is done to keep readers informed and engaged. This is in contrast with the “push” approach, which is used in traditional marketing. With use of search engine friendly content, your website will become a valuable resource for online visitors and patients.

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