Content Writing for Internal Medicine

Is your website tired and boring? Does your content show off your internal medicine practice? If you are not growing in your field, then consider hiring writers from My Healthcare Writer. We understand the importance of a professional personal and strong community presence. Put us to work and watch your practice grow and thrive.

The Types of Content

Your website should contain several types of content. These include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – SEO content includes content rich in keywords and phrases that draw web searchers to your site. By optimizing the content, Google web crawlers will be able to find your site, rank it, and display it in relevant web searches. Don’t let people fool you into thinking SEO is not important. It is more essential than ever before.
  • Social media optimization (SMO) – You need to be seen on social media when it comes to marketing your internal medicine practice. We create material with many tags that ensures potential patients will know you exist. The tags include html header tags, title tags, meta tags, and description tags. Also, tweets and Facebook shares are important in the age of information.
  • Reader return optimization (RRO) – The main thing you want for your practice’s website is reader return. If someone clicks onto your site, and becomes a return visitor, he or she will be more likely to become a new client. You want returning readers to this site because these people become new patients.

Content Indifference

In the world of content marketing, we understand that the service provider or agency you use should be up-to-date with the industry. Our medical writers are certified by the American Medical Writers Association, and they have much healthcare experience.

Content indifference means that the writer, internal medicine practice owner, and/or patients could care less about what is on the website. We know how important the website content is to growing a practice and helping one survive. Therefore, we squash content indifference like a pesky bug and give you fresh, interesting copy for your site.

Business Value of Quality Content

You are an internal medicine practitioner. You did not go to school to write articles, develop websites, and market your business. That is where My Healthcare Writer comes in. We understand the business value of quality content. Some points you need to consider regarding the business value of your content are:

  • It elevates your brand – Your internal medicine practice and the doctors who work there are collectively your brand. Our content focuses on what you offer and who you are.
  • It increases brand awareness – Quality content brings potential patients to you. After they read these articles, they get curious and interested in your business.
  • It increases customer loyalty – Your patients will stay with you and remain loyal if you offer information for them on your website.
  • It generates leads and referrals – Quality written material will help get your practice new customers. In addition, patients will feel safe knowing that their doctor is so educated and professional, as you will appear with our content writing.
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