Content Writing for Dentists

Are people picking up the phone and calling your dental practice? Are you getting referrals from your website? The main reason for a dental practice website is to attract new patients and to let the community know about your services. Out content writing for dentists is the best around, and we will show you why!


Your website content must be able to convert. The main reason for premium dental content writing is to attract new patients from the Internet. The words on your webpages must get people to take some action. Dental web copy writing is an art. You need someone who has the marketing and writing background that produces superb content, maximizes your web space, and has the ability to draw people in to your dental practice.


We first review your website to identify “weak” content. This could be on your “about” page, your “home” page, or even your “services” page. Then, we recommend changes and determine what is needed to maximize the website and attract new business. Our dental writers stay laser-focused on your practice’s unique objectives. We go over our recommendations with you so you have input. Our skilled dental writers always research the best possible angles for high-converting copy, content that Google will love, and content that rewards you with higher rankings.


The Website and Blog


When a dental patient is looking for a new dentist, he/she often goes to the dentist’s website to review the content. Each piece of content we produce is optimized for the patient/website visitor. Our goal is to get the visitor to pick up the phone and make an appointment. We write content that focuses on your assets and minimizes any practice weaknesses.


One main component of the website is the blog. Each blog article can teach the new patient why he/she needs your services. Articles on the blog can also inform the reader about your business in detail, where you would be more reluctant to speak of yourself in such a praising manner. My Healthcare Writer will write content that appeals to search engines and makes potential patients interested in choosing your dental services. High quality content is what differentiates our writers from other SEO and web design companies.


My Healthcare Writer focuses on writing the highest quality content that puts your dental expertise on display. Website content is the most critical component regarding your website, and it determines how well your site shows up during online searches. Our writers are U.S.-based, and they have medical and dental backgrounds.

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