Content Writing for Addiction Centers

We have a diverse group of writers who have experience in addiction treatment and recovery. My Healthcare Writer understands that you offer professional treatment, and your website deserves attention. We work tirelessly to create and nurture relationships with our clients, so we can cover many different subjects and writing styles. Our motto is “everything is content.” We do so much more than just write blogs. Our writers use keyword-rich content that gives the community a resource regarding your treatment center.


Every client is encouraged to give input into our subject matter. Nothing is random with us. All articles have a purpose, and our creative director uses keyword searches, demographics regarding addiction center clients, and develops the best possible content around. Content marketing in the addiction treatment industry should be written to engage the audience. You need to make people want to get clean and stay clean, so promotion of the center is important.


Types of Content for the Addiction Treatment Market


Content creation is not a one-size-fits-all operation. Different scenarios call for different writing styles. Based on our experience, addiction treatment and recovery content has four different types:


  • Evergreen content – This is content that has no lifespan and is always relevant. The information in this content is true, and will be true for many years. Evergreen content is mostly scientifically-based information.
  • Newsworthy content – News happens that is often relevant to your treatment facility or to the addiction treatment industry. When something happens, such as a new medication is marketed, we push the little red button and get an article on your site immediately. Newsworthy content is often time-sensitive, so we make it happen quickly.
  • Flagship content – This content defines who and what you are. The addiction treatment industry is quite personal, so it needs to be transparent. We use flagship content to allow readers to get to know you and what you offer.
  • Viral content – This content does really well on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. When a subject is important, it often “goes viral.”


What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is an informative approach that provides target audience with relevant, helpful information on a consistent basis. Intended to attract, inform, and retain clients while influencing their actions, this strategy centers around production of original, fresh content. Intended to draw patients by positively influencing their actions, content marketing produces new content as opposed to recycling media or borrowing from other outside resources.


The “push” approach is used by traditional marketing methods, our content marketing uses the “pull” approach, which is designed to present valuable information about your services and products to keep your target audience engaged and informed. When executed correctly, this strategy works well for ongoing personal and educational relationships with clients, which results in loyalty. Content marketing will also drastically impact medical search engine optimization (SEO) in a real positive way.

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