Healthcare Content We Offer

The medical content we write is first rate and offered for all types of healthcare specialties. The content is 500 plus words per piece, and checked for grammar, spelling and factual accuracy.

In addition, our writers typically include references. What other medical content writing service offers that? It is critical for your website visitors to trust the educational content you put forth. Our writers use 10th grade language, which is the level at which the average American reads.


Here are 5 examples of the quality of content produced by My Healthcare Writer:

  1. Ebook for US Rehab Network
  2. Top 10 Secrets to a Successful Fertility Experience
  3. The 3 Secrets to Pain Management
  4. All of the Content for Elite Plastic Surgery (Site and Blog)
  5. All of the Content for Inspired Spine

Here is a partial list of the types of healthcare content writing we offer.

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