What to Look Out for When Hiring a Healthcare Content Writer

David Greene, MD, CEO

About the Top Healthcare Copywriting Company

My Healthcare Writer started out of Dr. Greene’s own needs for quality content. As the owner of a pain management clinic, he achieved 80% patient acquisition online through quality content. But it wasn’t always that way. He tried off shore writers, content spinners and other shortcuts in an effort to generate web traffic. After realizing it didn’t work and often ended up with Google penalties, he changed tactics.

Dr. Greene developed a team of US writers who actually do research when writing content. Quality content involves minimal “fluff”, which is what you get with overseas writers. Those articles involve lots of fluff, restated paragraphs and no research. The reason is the writers there don’t understand the medical lingo in the research to use it for writing.

Said Dr. Greene, “Quality content impresses your website visitors and can generate new patients. But not if it’s hard to read and contains nonspecific verbiage. That’s why I created My Healthcare Writer – to specifically help healthcare practices receive great content that is factual and well written. Also we check everything to make sure it’s really low on any duplicate content software checker!”

Writers for the company are vetted specifically by Dr. Greene, who was a practicing orthopedic surgeon and pain clinic owner for years prior to entering the business side of medicine. Writing is offered for ALL healthcare specialties and facilities.

“We’ve written for more medical and dental practices nationwide than I can count over the past 5 years. It’s about 5,000 articles per year including blogs, ebooks, press releases, websites, brochures and more. My writers are passionate about what they do, and will gladly hop on a call if desired to discuss projects.”

Dr. David Greene, the Founder & CEO, is a prolific author himself, having recently been featured as a Diamond Author on Ezines.com , the top article directory site in the world. Out of over 470,000 authors, Dr. Greene ranks #15 as an Expert Author and #1 in the Pain Management Category. He heads up the content team for My Healthcare Writer, and edits all content.

In the past year alone, Dr. Greene has written over 300 press releases, 500 articles and put together hundreds of video scripts. “My staff writers follow my lead. We usually write content geared towards prospective patients, NOT other doctors. The average American reads at a 10th grade level, so we use layman’s terms and appropriate calls to action too.”

In addition, Dr. Greene has published a book on Healthcare Internet Marketing, which is available on Amazon. There is a whole chapter devoted to Content!

Let My Healthcare Writer be your long term content partner to fill your needs for unique, quality healthcare content. You won’t be disappointed!






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